2021 Annual Assessment Notice

2021 Southern Village HOA Annual Assessments:

  • Detached Homes, Townhomes, Courtyard Homes & Class III, $330 per home/per year
  • Alleyways, $109 per home/per year
  • Condos, $132 per home/per year
  • Apartments, $27 per home/per year
  • Courtyard Homes, $500 per home/per year

2021 Southern Village HOA Monthly Assessments:

  • Highgrove Townhomes, $189 per home/per month
  • Town Home I, $189 per home/per month
  • Town Home II, $120 per home/per month
  • Westend Townhomes, $204 per home/per month

As a reminder, annual assessments are due by 3/1/20. Monthly assessments are due the first day of each month. The HOA does not send monthly statements unless an account is 30 days past due at which time you will be assessed a $20 late fee.

Please pay online through AppFolio (details below) or you may mail a check or money order made out to SVHOA and mail to:

c/o Mill House Properties
1720 East Franklin Street
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Mill House Properties HOA offers AppFolio as a convenient way for members to review their charges and payments, submit one-time or recurring payments, communicate with our office, submit maintenance requests, update contact and renter information, etc.

You can access your account by going to our website millhouseproperties.com and clicking on the green button in the top right-hand corner marked “Pay Assessments”. If no account is found, AppFolio will send us an email with your information requesting that we send you an invite to set up an account.

If you are having trouble, one option is to send us an email at hoafinance@millhouseproperties.com  requesting that we delete your account and send you an invite to set it up again with a new password.

Assessment are not posted to online accounts until the 1st day of the month 30 days before the assessment is due. 2021 annual assessments will not be posted to your account until 2/1/21. The HOA does not mail out statements, we will send a reminder statement to everyone on 2/1/21. Of course, you can always make a payment of any amount online at any time. Any advance payments/ credits will be applied to future charges.

The following options are available for making online payments: one-time, set recurring monthly amount or paying the full balance due each month. The last one is the best choice if you want to just set it up and have any future changes automatically reflected. There are also two options for payment types: eCheck (drafted directly from your bank with no fee) or credit card (3% fee from AppFolio).

Please email hoafinance@millhouseproperties.com with any questions or concerns.

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