Architectural Review Board (ARB)

This page contains useful information on how the ARB operates and what it requires in order to make an informed decision on any property improvement submission.

  • SVHOA Application for Architectural Approval — Fillable PDF form
  • Paint Palette — To make the task of selecting exterior paint colors as easy as possible, SVHOA has pre-approved a number of paint color combinations from the Sherwin-Williams’ Exterior Color Preservation Palette collection. The three approved siding and street entry door color families are “Suburban Traditional”, “America’s Heritage” and “Northern Shores and Seaports.”  You can pick up paper copies of the approved SVHOA paint palette from the local Sherwin-Williams store at 1507 East Franklin Street in Chapel Hill and also view the palettes on the Sherwin-Williams website.
  • Example of a Survey Plot Plan — This is a typical plot survey found among your title documents.
  • ARB Guidelines, effective Sept. 8, 2020 — Architectural Review process & Guidelines document applicable to all SVHOA members.
  • Town Homes ARB Guidelines — This is a downloadable version of additional guidelines specific to the 141 town homes which are part of SVHOA.
  • Roof replacements — Roof replacements need approval by the Southern Village HOA Architectural Review Board.  While they are not specifically cited in the covenants, the board believes that roof color and materials are exterior changes that fall under HOA jurisdiction. Therefore, changes to the roof — either to the color, shape or the materials — need ARB approval. **If you are replacing your roof with the same color, shape and material, you do not need approval.**

Email the ARB for more information or if you have any questions.