Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains links to FAQ’s regarding the HOA and the neighborhood. These are compiled from the typical questions asked of the HOA members.

Q: Can I find detailed guidance of the responsibilities for SVHOA Townhomes owners?
A: Yes, please review the following:

Q: When are SVHOA annual assessments due?
A: The SVHOA annual assessments are due no later than March 1st.

Q: Who owns the street trees throughout Southern Village?
A: Other than the business district (often called Market Street Association), the street trees in Southern Village are owned by the Town of Chapel Hill.

Q: Does SVHOA own the neighborhood tennis courts and swimming pool?
A: No.  The tennis courts and swimming pool are owned by Southern Village Club, LLC.

Q: How do I learn more about insurance requirements for my residence?
A: Please click on this Insurance FAQ for more information.

Q: Who is responsible for storm water management in Southern Village?
A: The Town of Chapel Hill is responsible for all storm water management in Chapel Hill.