ARB Guidelines: Roof Replacements & Exterior Painting

Dear Neighbors,

There has been some confusion recently about whether roof replacements need approval by the Southern Village HOA Architectural Review Board.  While they are not specifically cited in the covenants, the board believes that roof color and materials are exterior changes that fall under HOA jurisdiction. Therefore, changes to the roof — either to the color or the materials — need ARB approval. **If you are replacing your roof with the same color and material, you do not need approval.**

Some homeowners have had an understandable interest in installing energy-efficient shingles, which come in many colors. To date, the ARB has turned down at least one application for white shingles, yet it has approved several lighter-color, energy efficient shingles. Because of the variety of roof manufacturers, it is not realistic to pre-approved shingle colors or types.

Regarding paint colors, there are three pre-approved palettes of colors noted on this website (please click on the ARB page of this website). If you choose from this list, we recommend that you send a letter and/or email to the HOA manager noting the color you have selected. This will be documented so that if a complaint is made about your choice, there will be no need to submit an ARB application to demonstrate your adherence to the covenants.

Homeowners can paint their houses a color that is NOT in the pre-approved Sherwin Williams palettes, but only with ARB approval. NOTE:  You do not need to use Sherwin Williams paints, as other manufacturers can color-match the paint swatches available at the Sherwin Williams store. These were chosen as a convenience for homeowners.

Because of the close proximity of most houses, we encourage you to talk with your immediate neighbors about significant changes you are considering for your house, to get their feedback and identify potential problems. This does not give your neighbor approval authority or veto-power over your proposed changes, as that decision lies with the ARB and the Board of Directors, both of which work hard to balance the need for change over time with maintaining the character of the neighborhood.

Warm regards,

Susana Dancy
SVHOA President
on behalf of the Southern Village HOA Board of Directors

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