ARB, April Meeting

At last night’s ARB meeting the following decisions were made.

203 Glade, fence and landscaping (approved)
806 Highgrove, addition (approved)
103 Hillspring, fence (approved)
214 Glenhaven, skylights (approved)
106 Graylyn, deck, pizza oven, cook station and landscaping (approved)
107 Overlake, patio (approved)

609 Aberdeen, drawings of the shed requested (thus, not approved)
107 Overlake, pool larger than allowed (thus, not approved)

Questions, please e-mail,

Note, please know that you can find ARB approvals, by month, going back to January 2010 on this community website.  If you just type in ARB into the search bar on the site, it will all show up for your review.  Questions on this, e-mail:

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