Orange County Solid Waste Request to Alleyway Homes

Orange County Solid Waste – Recycling Division is currently providing recycling collection service by contractor,  Waste Industries, in the alley adjacent to your property and is requesting that tree limbs, shrubs and other vegetation on your property be trimmed along the alley to allow for safe access for the collection crews and equipment.

At this time, vegetation extending into the alley is causing safety concerns for the collection crews and may damage the collection trucks. This vegetation must be trimmed in order for Waste Industries to continue providing service in the alley. If this trimming is not conducted within 30 days or by October 30, 2015, service in the alley may be suspended. If service is suspended, recycling collection service will be relocated to the nearest main street until safe access to the alley is restored.

If you have further questions or would like to discuss this matter further, please feel free to contact me at (919) 968-2788.  Thank you.  Eric Gerringer

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