Information on Southern Village Street Trees

Southern Village Homeowners Association (SVHOA) wants to remind residents of single-family homes they are 100% responsible for the maintenance of the trees in front of their homes.  Additionally, townhouses & courtyard home owners are responsible for their trees.  SVHOA is only responsible for the street trees in front of common land areas (ex, Central Park, Highgrove Park, etc).

Several years ago SVHOA paid for all the trees in Southern Village to get a deep-root feeding and for the lower limbs to be pruned by the arborist.  These projects have long ago happened & SVHOA will not be continuing these projects in the future.

That said, there are several things you can do to protect your trees and keep them healthy for years.  First, trees need water.  Using a slow stream from a hose for 30 minutes once a week in the summer can really benefit your trees.  Second, trees require nutrition and hiring an arborist to feed your trees yearly would benefit them.  You can also go online to read about how to feed the trees yourself or you may consult a local nursery.  Third, dead and dying limbs should be removed from trees.  This project can be done by an arborist if the tree is too tall for you to reach.  Finally, spray your trees for diseases and/or insects.

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