Letter from Board President Mary Jo Coppola

Dear Residents,

It is too often that we talk or think about getting something done, but then time passes, distractions interfere and before long the idea has vanished.  I am glad that Susan Duke did not allow this to happen when she proposed a Southern Village Welcoming Group to the HOA Board.

Susan and her committee, Sue Goloboy, Tiffany Allen, Mary Wrighton, and Hazel Zweig now welcome new neighbors to Southern Village with custom bags full of Market Street merchants’ wares.  They just hosted their Second Meet & Greet and have a third planned in December.  It was a lovely event and a wonderful time had by all of the 22+ new members.  They certainly seemed to enjoy meeting and getting to know one another!
Southern Village truly needed such a group for newcomers to feel welcome and to be properly greeted!  Thanks to all five ladies for making this happen and to the HOA Board for their support of this wonderful endeavor.

For more information and to get involved please visit Facebook, A Southern Village Welcome (Chapel Hill, NC).  This site is not only a great resource for those new to the community but also for those of us who would like to learn more about what is going on locally.

In addition, please feel free to join the Southern Village Voice Yahoo! Group.  A great way to connect, to find babysitters, household items to buy or sell, trusted vendors, etc.!
So to get started.  Visit southernvillage_voice now.

I have been approached by residents, who have moved here from other areas and they have shared events or traditions that they have enjoyed that they would like to carry forward to Southern Village.  If you have such an interest or a tradition you would like to see Southern Village adopt please let me know.  If we are able to get a planning group together, with the Board’s support we can make it a reality!

As we strive to improve the communication within the Village we ask that you work with us.  Express your concerns or better yet if you see something positive that you would like to comment on we certainly  welcome that too!

The Board is comprised of volunteers.  We serve on this Board to work with Berkeley Management to maintain and to enhance the sense of neighborhood and community that we all enjoy.  Thank you.

Warm Regards,

Mary Jo Coppola
President Southern Village HOA

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