Southern Village Welcoming Committee

Dear Friends/Neighbors,

One of the most memorable things about moving to a new neighborhood is being welcomed by the neighbors (or not!). The three of us moved to Southern Village between several months and several years ago, and we’ve appreciated being warmly welcomed by many of our respective neighbors. But we’d like to do more – both for our new neighbors themselves as well as for our community as a whole, weaving the fabric toward a more tightly knit community. Southern Village’s friendliness is one of the things that drew many of us here. Now that Neighborship is up and running, this seemed like a logical next step.

To that end, Sue Goloby and I (with the support of HOA board member, Mary Jo Coppola) would like to begin a SV Welcoming Committee. We’ve begun to gather ideas about how this might work. For example, it would be nice to have a welcome basket for new residents (including items from Market Street merchants interested in participating) and some basic information about SV and Chapel Hill. We were also toying with the idea of meeting with the newest neighbors at a local restaurant periodically so they can get to know each other too.

If you have interest in joining Sue and me in forming the Welcoming Committee, we plan to meet at 7 pm on Thurs, Sept 29. Please contact Susan or Sue and we’ll provide you the address.

And whether or not you have time or inclination to be on the committee, we appreciate everyone’s ideas for what we might consider for our initial efforts!

Kind Regards,
Susan Duke, Sue Goloby and Mary Jo Coppola
( or

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