CodeRED Information

Orange County has the ability to alert residents of impending emergencies by sending a recorded message to any home, business or cell phone number.  The ultra high-speed system called CodeRED employs a one-of-a-kind Internet mapping capability for geographic targeting of calls, coupled with a high speed telephone calling system capable of delivering customized pre-recorded emergency messages directly to homes and businesses, live individuals and answering machines, at the rate of up to 60,000 calls per hour.  The system is for emergency notification only.

Possible CodeRED uses include:
* Drinking water contamination
* Evacuation notice & route
* Missing person
* Fires or Floods
* Bomb threat
* Hostage situation
* Chemical spill or Gas leak
* Utility outage

Orange County residential phone information has already been loaded into the CodeRED database.  However, you can add a cell phone or an alternate phone number to CodeRED to assure that notification is received whenever an alert is sent.

Go to this web link to sign up for this service.

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