Southern Village Home-based Businesses

Southern Village’s Market Street is now offering Southern Village home-based business owners the opportunity to advertise on the Southern Village website,  Your business will be included in either “Shops”, “Dining”, “Services” or “Music”, with a notation to show that it’s a home-based business.  Then at the bottom of the page, there will be a link that will list all of the home-based businesses.

Your ad will feature the name of your business, a brief summary of what you do, a logo or photo, and your name and contact information, including a link to your business website if you have one.

The cost of doing this will be $250/year, which is about $21/month.  In addition to appearing on the website, you would be permitted to publicize your business on the Village Green when we hold events.

We reserve the right to approve or decline your ad at our discretion.  If you’re interested in this opportunity or have any questions, please contact Bev Carr at or 919.969.7301 x231.

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