Community Watch

A note about solicitations and solicitors:

The Southern Village Community Watch would like to share information with you that could be of special interest for safety.  It may also answer some questions for which you may have wanted to know the correct answer.

Recently several residences have been bothered by persons knocking on the doors, after nine o’clock in the evening. The persons said they were “soliciting” for two different “causes.”  In both of the cases they were asked to leave the premises.  Solicitations like this are not legal and could be dangerous to the residents.

In Chapel Hill, and therefore in Southern Village, people soliciting must have a permit, issued by the Chapel Hill Police Department and must have a photo identification card, also issued by the Chapel Hill Police Department.  Otherwise soliciting is illegal.  Do not admit people soliciting who do not have such identification.

And common sense tells us not to admit anyone “soliciting” late in the evening.  Be careful and watchful. If we all are especially careful and watchful, word will spread that such activities in Southern Village are not appreciated.  If the situation is unusual or suspicious, call 911.

That being said, our Officer Robin Clark, supplied additional information to clarify things and to make available, in detail, the ordinances relating to such activities.  If you are interested you can contact Officer Clark at

Still have questions?  E-mail:

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