Community Watch News

Five new Community Watch signs have been installed in appropriate places in Southern Village.  The locations are listed just in case you don’t get to where they are:

1.  Sign near playground, on  “No Parking” sign on Hillspring Lane
2.  Sign near playground, on “No Parking” sign on Edgewater Circle, near Graylyn Drive & near the playground
3.  Sign on Brookgreen Drive on “No Parking” sign, across from parking lot entrance to Southern Village Club
4.  Sign on the last street lamp pole, coming from the soccer fields & at the Greenway entrance to Southern Village
5.  Sign on the third street lamp pole after the turn  off 15-50, into Southern Community Park

Thanks go to Officer Robin Clark & Jerry Battle, the Signs & Marketing Engineer for Chapel Hill, who were instrumental in the installation of these additional Community Watch signs.  Our continuing job, as residents, is to remain alert & report any suspicious activities in our neighborhoods by calling 911.

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