Important Message from the Community Watch in Southern Village

Community Watch is successful when we all work together! Below are some important (Orange County) 9-1-1 facts that you need to know to help this work:

  • 911 is the number to call for ANY suspicious activity
  • 911 is the number to call for vandalism, loitering, speeding, illegally parked cars, animal control, disturbance of peace, crimes in progress, etc.
  • 911 is the number to call for Fire & Ambulance
  • 911 calls can be completely anonymous
  • 911 calls are always responded to

Please know that there are ABSOLUTELY no time limits to call 911 to report any type of prior vandalism, theft, or crimes committed.

It is 100% necessary and encouraged by our Chapel Hill Police Department that we make these calls. If the Police do not hear it from us, they will not have the DATA and we will not have the protection.

It’s that simple. Dial 9-1-1. Let’s keep our neighborhood safe for our families, adults, children, pets and property.

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