Minutes of Meeting Held July 13, 2005


Present: Board Members -- Tom Hanlon, David McEntee, Nancy Morton, Ed Flowers

                                              Tony Smith

Parks and Recreations – Paul Mraz

Communications Committee – Mel Jones

Architectural Feedback Committee – Jeremy Pubrick

Ally Committee – Bob Callahan

John Lawton (HRW)


With a Quorum established, the meeting was called to Order at 7:04 P.M.


No members of the Association were present for the Public Comment Period


First Order of Business:

-The minutes of the May 23, 2005 Board meeting were discussed.  Appropriate corrections were made and the minutes were approved by the Directors, with Mr. Flowers abstaining


Second Order of Business – Financials

-Mr. McEntee noted that that the financials remained in good shape and that management company continued to provide information in a timely fashion.

-He noted for future reference that he anticipated a budget surplus estimated at approximately $10,000 and that the Board should begin to consider how any potential surplus should be handled.  He noted possibilities were additional capital expenditures, transferring money to reserves or lowering dues.

-Mr. McEntee noted that at title search had been performed on the property in attorney’s hands for which foreclosure had been approved.


Third Order of Business – Communications Committee

-Mr. Jones stated he had little to report as it had proven difficult to get people together due to summer vacations.  He suggested that the communications committee might require or devise guidelines to identify appropriate content to disburse for public consumption.


-Mr. Smith reported that no members of the Association attended the informal “coffee” held on June 28, 2005.


Fourth Order of Business – Parks and Commons Committee

-Mr. Mraz provided a written summary of what the Committee had accomplished year-to-date and what remained to be accomplished. 

-Mr. Mraz also reported on expenditures

-He noted that $24,000 of the $30,000 capital improvements budget had been spent;  $2,700.00 of the $9,000 general budget had been spent.


-Some highlights of what had been accomplished and what needed to be accomplished:

-Entrance sign:  Mr. Mraz reported that the plan to construct a median at the entrance sign would not work due to DOT restrictions

-Additional work required on pathway in Calderon Park

-Work was proceeding on cemetery reconstruction in Arlen Park

-Old walls had been torn down

-He anticipated being short on stone for reconstruction

-Local history teachers were getting involved

-He requested 3 new benches in Central Park


Mr. Mraz requested the following amounts for continued projects:

            -$400 for “Park closes at Dusk signs”

            -$1900 for 3 park benches at Central Park

            -$1,100 for improved drainage work


-Mr. McEntee discussed request in context of possible surplus in overall HOA budget and moved to approve $400.00 of the “Park closes at Dusk signs” and the $1,100 for the drainage repair

            -Motion seconded by Mr. Hanlon

            -Approved unanimously


Fifth Order of Business – Architectural Feedback Committee

-Mr. Pubrick reported that he is gathering historical and legal documents putting them on website

-Wants to hold first meeting 9/12/05 or 9/13/05

            -Would like to mail out notice of meeting by 7/31/05

            -Will coordinate meeting with communications committee

-There was a brief discussion of where to hold meeting, Mr. Smith agreed  to help find a location


Sixth Order of Business – Management Company Report (John Lawton)

            -Mr. Lawton noted that he would like for the Townhome Committee to formalize allocation of responsibility between homeowners and townhome association.

                        -He presented a proposal for the allocation of these responsibilities

            -Mr. Lawton also reported that the top part of a tree potentially encroaching on a homeowners lot had been cut off.


Seventh Order of Business – Alley Assessment Committee (Bob Callahan)

-Mr. Callahan reported that the committee preliminarily estimated a one-time cost of $30 to $40 per home to re-pave the alleys.

-Potential issues of alley repaving

-Should only homes bordering alleys pay?

-Need to consider different types of alleys and impact on cost of repaving

            -i.e. private v. commercial

-How to coordinate paving

-Townhome alleys v. single-family alleys?

-How is money to be assessed?

-Should money come from general or reserve accounts?


Answer to questions may require a legal opinion.


-Mr. Hanlon noted that paying alleys may need to be coordinated with recommendations of traffic calming study.


Eighth Order of Business – ARB Report Miscellaneous Items

-Mr. Cole was note present at meeting but supplied a report that was reviewed by the Board


Miscellaneous Items

            -Mr. McEntee noted that the Pool and Raquet Club still owed assessments

                        -Mr. Hanlon indicated he would contact responsible parties

            -Board briefly discussed possibility of moving banking to Harrington Bank


Meeting was adjourned at 9:06 P.M.