Minutes of Meeting Held September 9, 2005


Present: Board Members -- Tom Hanlon, David McEntee, Nancy Morton, Ed Flowers

                                              Tony Smith

Parks and Recreations – Paul Mraz

Communications Committee – Mel Jones

Architectural Feedback Committee – Jeremy Purbrick

Alley Committee – Bob Callahan

ARB Committee – Joe Cole

5K Committee- Daryl Gross

John Lawton (HRW); Eniko Nagy (HRW)


With a Quorum established, the meeting was called to Order at 7:12 P.M.


Public Comment Period: 

-Ann Bohner expressed concern regarding the possibility that new condominiums may be constructed in the Market Street Parking lot

-Rena Earnhardt expressed concern regarding several of the landscaping projects taking place in the neighborhood, specifically, the Arlen Park restoration and the Highgrove entrance.  Also concerned that residents may be unaware that Oktoberfest has been cancelled.


First Order of Business:

-The minutes of the July 13, 2005 Board meeting were discussed.  Appropriate corrections were discussed and made.  With corrections duly noted,

-Mr. Hanlon moves that minutes be approved

-Seconded by Mr. Smith

-Unanimously approved, with Mr. Flowers abstaining


Second Order of Business – Financials

-Mr. McEntee noted that he was pleased that HRW continued to produce financial information in an accurate, timely fashion

-He noted the strong possibility of a budget surplus as high as $15,000.

-And that Board needs to start thinking of what to do with the surplus, specifically, whether what portion(s) it should be allocated toward capital or reserves.

-Mr. Smith suggested that this issue be discussed at greater length at next month’s Board meeting.

-Mr. McEntee further noted that he planned to review next year’s budget, including a review of outstanding projects

-Mr. McEntee concluded his report by reporting that delinquent assessment accounts were rapidly declining.


Third Order of Business – ARB Report

-Mr. Cole provided a synopsis of the June & July, 2005 ARB submissions

-He also discussed some of the ongoing architectural issues in the neighborhood and potential solutions to these issues.

-Of particular note was the discussion of issues surrounding the building and painting of fences in the neighborhood

-Also, the issue of lawns and landscaping was discussed

-It was also noted that there have been issues with potentially dangerous dogs and that Chapel Hill animal control should be contacted when these types of animals are in the neighborhood

-Mr. Hanlon noted that these were the type of issues that would hopefully be addressed by the Architectural Feedback Committee

-Also, the relationship between the Board of Directors and the ARB was discussed, especially as that relationship pertained to enforcing the guidelines and covenants.

-Toward the end of the meeting, Mr. Cole provided factual clarification regarding painting issues in the neighborhood.


Fourth Order of Business:  Townhome Committee

-Ms. Nagy reported the following

-Painting completed at Townhomes 2 and Highgrove Townhomes

-Powerwashing on Westend TH’s completed, painting to start after Labor     Day.  Townhomes 1 to be painted next

-Bid given and accepted for Highgrove repairs, with bid for Townhome 2 repairs to be received by HRW next week

-Towhome 1 deck & lattice work done.

-Townhome 1 tuck pointing to be completed by the end of next week.


-Mr. Hanlon noted that the Association and HRW had come to terms regarding reimbursement by HRW to the Association for excessive water incurred in 2004.

            -Mr. Hanlon moves to accept HRW’s offer

            -Seconded by Ms. Norton

            -Unanimously approved by Board


Fifth Order of Business – 5K Committee Financials

-Mr. Gross demonstrated the 5K webpage to the Board

-He reiterated the success of last year’s race, including more than 300 runners and $15,000 raised for Habitat for Humanity

-He noted that the 2nd annual race was ahead of last’s year’s pace

            -More sponsors for this year’s race

            -Also, organization improvements have been implemented

Mr. Hanlon made additional comments on the 5K

-Goal is to obtain 450 runners this year & the Association will work with the “running community” to increase attendance

-Hope to have a band & additional events on green

-Will work with Harrington Bank and devise a “Kid’s Committee” so that the neighborhood children can be involved with this event.

            -Ideas are need for a project for the Kid’s Committee


Sixth Order of Business – Alley Committee

-Mr. Callahan reports that the Committee looked at reserve funds in trying to devise a rationale plan for obtaining funds to maintain the alleys.  Some of the Committee’s conclusions:

            -All residents who live on alleys should share expense proportionally

            -Believes reserve assumptions are somewhat inflated

-Further believes alleys will require re-paving by 2015, but condition of alleys should be examined every year and assumption modified as needed

-Mr. Hanlon inquired as to whether a contractor should be engaged to identify possible repairs and asked if HRW had expertise in these matters

-Mr. Lawton noted that an initial analysis of repairs could be conducted when engaging contractors and before the project went out for bid

-Mr. Hanlon indicated that a process needed to put in place wherein:

            -costs were identified and included in budget

-Management company identifies contractors and starts constructing an RFP

-Assessments to be collected to fund project

-Mr. Callahan further noted the importance of accurately identifying single family and townhome owners who live on an alley.

-Mr. Hanlon asked that some sort of well-defined process be in place by January, 2006

-Ms. Norton noted that she would not totally discount reserve projections as paving costs tend to be high

-Mr. McEntee stated that once the source of funds were identified, that it is important to include the source of funds and the expenditures in the budgeting process


There was some discussion as to whether the projected cost of $32.00 per home should be used for planning purposes

-Mr. Hanlon stated that he believe this was fine


The Board of Directors wishes to express their sincere appreciation for the hard work of the Alley Committee.


Seventh Order of Business – Architectural Feedback Committee

-Mr. Purbrick reported that a meeting would be held on September 13, 2005.  He is utilizing Communications committee to notify membership of meeting.  At meeting, he will provide background on the committee and its chair, encourage audience participation, and will detail how committee is to work. 

            -Believes attendance will be upwards of 50.

            -Will send out e-mails in hopes of improving attendance.


Eight Order of Business – Communications Committee

-Mr. Jones reported the following:

-A place for the Architectural Review Committee has been created on the Association’s website

-Committee will start focusing on setting up area captains

-Requests document for communications guidelines, i.e. what should and should not be published, how and when e-mails should be sent, etc.

-Committee is currently working on improving/updating website

            -needs additional help for this task

-Other issues including how to put directory of neighborhood online and whether it should be password protected


Ninth Order of Business -- Parks and Recreation Committee

            -Entrance Signs

-Mr. Mraz reported that the committee is attempting to complete erection of entrance signs.  However Town does not like the idea that was previously presented, i.e. signs in a median.  Will likely have to do something similar back entrances or signs that were mounted in parks

-Board briefly discussed placing “no solicitation” signs in neighborhood

-Calderon Park

            -Project is now complete

            -Small bit of landscaping remains, and Mr. Mraz requests $500./

-Arlen Park

            -Mr. Mraz notes need to rebuild contours of park

            -Also the need for additional starts

            -2 additional benches have been installed in park

-Central Park

-Mr Mraz estimates that $1600 will be needed to repair drainage problems in park

-putting new benches on hold due to financial constraints


-drought tolerant grass has been planted and pots have been painted.  Will cut back honeysuckle in October or November


-“Park closes at dusk signs installed.  The Board would like to recognize Mike Linford for all of his hard work in installing signs

-Mr. McEntee notes budget $6,000 under on mulch, Mr. Mraz notes he does not anticipate spending any more money on mulch


Miscellaneous Items of Business

            -Mr. Lawton provided overview of changes in Planned Community Act

            -Mr. Hanlon recognized neighborhood for $4,600 raised for Katrina relief

-Mr. Hanlon further noted that HOA was attempting to get stop signs installed outside of Lumina and o2 fitness.  Meeting with traffic engineers

-Mr. Hanlon reported that the police substation opened.   Important that officers be made part of community.

            -Board voted to institute a $50.00 fine for painting violations

                        -Motion by Mr. Smith

                        -Seconded by Ms. Morton

                        -Unanimously approved


The meeting was adjourned at 11:00 PM.